Things To Remember
  • Always Keep your Passport in the Secure Locker or On Your Body While Travelling.
  • Kindly arrive at least 4 Hours Prior to the departure for a international flight.
  • Comply with the air travel laws & regulations and read the baggage limit on your airline ticket.
  • Clarify the baggage transfer process if there is a connecting flight from the departure airport.
  • For any concerns and information locate places with a “i” on the map or the direction signs.
  • Check the country laws before packing any food item prior to your journey.
  • Buy local Sim Cards at the arrival airport as they are more convenient if any issues are faced & they are even reasonably cheaper.
  • To Exchange currency use Atm’s or Banks or Hotel Front Desk & travel agents to avail the safest & best rates.
  • Check for Health Advisories and Requirements Before Departure.
  • Check the Weather prior to travel & pack accordingly.
  • Get a good travel insurance and read all the inclusions & exclusions prior to the departure.
  • Pre-Book & Reconfirm your travel arrangements & reservations before departure.
  • Acclimatize your mind for the upcoming weather conditions.
  • Get familiar with the local Language phrases & slangs to navigate easily.
  • Check your visa validity properly and keep it safe & dry!
  • Download all local necessary tourism information apps & update yourself.
  • Know all the local emergency numbers just in case!
  • Know the immigration requirements & process also the restrictions.
  • Digitize all necessary vouchers, documents, tickets for a effortless voyage.
  • Know local electric output requirement and buy a international socket for all your devices.
  • Ok To Board (OTB) is an airline requirement. Therefore giving written valid PNR is mandatory at the time of submission of the application. We at BTW Visa Services take care of the same to avoid last minute hassles. OTB Charges, as applicable, need to be paid at the time of submission of application. OTB updating process takes 48 hrs approximately after issuance of valid Visa. It is the primary responsibility of the applicant to check the OTB status with concerned airline at least 48 hrs prior to departure

    Meaning :

    All Indian passport holders need Ok to board while traveling to Dubai .While traveling to UAE (Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi) your PNR must be marked with OK to Board from respective airline. After issuance of you visa you need to send this Visa copy to airline for rechecking of your visa. After the checking of your visa airline give approval to board the flight. You can not board the flight if your PNR does not reflect Ok to Board.

    Why OK to Board is Needed :

    It was observed that number of pax travelling to the UAE on fake visa & such pax was deported from UAE port. Hence each sponsor and airline started to check visa and return ticket before the departure.

    Who does Ok to board :

    Normally ok to board done by respective sponsored who issued your visas. They have to send PNR and valid UAE visa copy to respective airline offices. Airline check and verify all the details of the visa and then insert Ok to board message in PNR

    How we know about status of Ok to board :

    Generally, Airline mark ok to board in your PNR electronically. some Airline directly call you before your departure and inform regarding boarding the flight.

    What happened if ok to board is not reflect in PNR :

    In case passenger go at the counter without OK to Board, respective counter staff have authority to give you permission to board the flight or may denied your entry. Passenger has to pay any liabilities/cancellation cost if his entry is denied.

    • With regards to ensuring your excursion, your movement protection needs to cover you in a larger number of ways than one. Why? On a similar excursion you could lose your sack, sprain your lower leg or fail to catch a plane – and that is simply in the initial 24 hours.
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    • From unanticipated health related crises abroad, to repatriation expenses and lost baggage, your Cover-More arrangement can shield you from an assortment of out-of-pocket costs.
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    • According to DFAT. It is easy for things not to go to plan especially when travelling. Unforeseen expenses can quickly add up while you are overseas, and nothing will dampen a holiday faster than out-of-pocket bills.
    • Travel insurance can help protect your financial future against unexpected expenses that arise. Remember the Australian Government will not assist in paying for your medical bills overseas. If you do not have travel insurance, you and your family will have to carry the cost.
    • When you purchase a policy you have access to our 24/7 Emergency Assistance team in case something goes wrong on your holiday.
    • You are also safeguarded against a range of problems including lost or stolen luggage, travel delays, amendment or cancellation costs, and more! Consider protecting your next trip so you can travel with peace of mind.
    • Check Your Dates & Time more than twice and don’t forget to reconfirm.
    • The Prices on the first tab of your browser is not the final price, the final cost is presented to you after you click “book now”
    • Use the official website to check out the reviews for a better understanding
    • These Platforms have their own discount offers as the price is always supplied by the owner of the entity or the company providing the particular service or product
    • Do Value evaluation yourself and then make payment as some time things can be too good to be true!
    • You might not see all possible options on these platforms for example a hotel will have full board or Half board plans but you could only be seeing Bed & Breakfast.
    • Don’t Expect any service after payment from the Portals or Platforms! Or Can try giving your valuable time waiting for your call to be answered by call center executives!
    • Try Booking in Offbeat Times like a weekday afternoon or super early morning & see the difference!
    • Do not wait if you are getting a good price! But always read the inclusions carefully like baggage allowance while booking cheap flight tickets.
    • These Platforms are selective with their inventory so beware of the aggressive sales tactics.
    • Always Read the Cancellation & Refund Policy very carefully! That just might save you a lot of money!
    • Beware of Misleading Images & Information and also word of mouth!
    • Plan early is the only way to save your money!
    • Always compare price by putting exactly same dates & time frames
    • Do your research and don’t stick to major brands only you never know what might just surprise you!

    It is always understood as the cheapest one … now here you need to understand that .. This is the difference between us and the online portals … The Best price should have all the below attributes

    • An affordable cost
    • An convenient time
    • A airline , timing and the services that match the traveler’s need and profile
    • The one that serves the purpose of travel itself .
    • No. Of Changes to be made or how many changes one can afford depending on the time the traveler has.
    • The most Optimum route geographically